Ulick O'Boyle Monument
Snowy Monaro Regional Council have given approval for us to erect a monument to Ulick on the foreshore of Lake Jindabyne.
We have travelled to Tumut and selected the appropriate boulder - it looks like it could have been blown out of the tunnel itself.
When: The official unveiling: Saturday the 13th October  2018 at 1pm.
Where: Foreshores of Lake Jindabyne near the Strezlecki monument, in the Irish Quarter!
After: The Lake Jindabyne Hotel from 2 -3 pm onward.
Dr Mike Kelly will do the official unveiling and the Cooma Choir are practicing some songs to sing.
My mother Anne, and also Paul Davey (both original Settlers members) will be there on the day.
We have invited all of the continuing Settlers members and we hope for a fantastic afternoon.
The Lake Jindabyne Hotel are expecting us to all sing, play, remember and perform from 2 -3 pm onward. 
I hope to see you all there!!!!

Monument photos.

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